Okalice in Wonderland o.o

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Okay, after a few days SL decided to stop bitching around with my textures… Sooo I was actually able to change :D! And here she is…

Well it’s me with my female avatar. And this is the Alice in Wonderland dress from * Deviance * I was writing about in my last post… In fact, it does look really nice and I don’t regret buying it anymore 😛

The shoes are a pretty old subscriber-gift from Maitreya, in several colors, but I’m not even sure if they still got them there.

The leather collar with the ripped leash is from the Good Life and I always wear it with my female avatar since I bought it.. Even when I’m naked.. Eh… especially when I’m naked. 😛

So, I guess that’s it… is it?


I saved the best part for the end – the shape. It’s by LoLli O., it’s called !Ali and I soooooooo love that little cutiepie :O The face is just lovely, and her body look really cute too, PLUS it matches a lot of skins like Curio, Al Vulo and all that cute looking stuff 😀 If you like smaller avatars with cute girl-ish faces you should definately check LoLi’s stuff out!

Shape: LoLi O. – !Ali (Marketplace only)

Skin: :Curio: Acorn-Cupid-Allure

Hair: >TRUTH< – Marnie

Shoes: Maitreya Group Gift Pumps

Collar: The GL – Ripped Leash Choker – Black

Outfit: * Deviance * – Alice in Wonderland



Come to the Dark Side! We haz cookies :D!

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Finally, I’ve decided to stop being lazy and start posting, too. This one’s for the guys and it’s somewhat drow-ish (though I wish I had bought the black-black skin, not the purple-black one D:) and my boots and bracers from AVZ are like really old now. But I still love ‚em 😀
The skin is from The Plastik, which is an awesome store for male AND female skins, and clothes, eyes and accessoires of course. The Ears are included and match the skin color perfectly (which is nice, because I’m way too lazy to adjust ear colors). The Piercingsand Necklace, as mentioned below, are from Rozoregalia, which is by far my favorite SL-Jewelry. The hair is actually a female hairstyle, but I hope it suits me, too. 😛
The jeans I’m wearing is from Luck Inc, usually for female avatars as well, but I don’t give a shit 😀
And I found a pretty nice store recently, Deviance, where I got my face-tattoo from. And, by mistake or rather because the „buy as gift“-option on XStreet was broken that day, I also got a super-cute Alice in wonderland outfit. Which I don’t really wear because I’m a guy. >_>
Last but not least, the belt. Unlike the name, it’s not part of the RJK2 leatherjacket, it’s sold seperately. Buuuut it matches almost every of my outfits and it makes my ass look nice o_o

Skin: [Plastik] -VaelianElven-Fullmoon-Infect

Hair: [rQ] Envy~Sterling

Pants: *SL* Low Cut Jeans Black

Shoes: AVZ ~ Wrapped Boots ~~

Bracers: AVZ ~ Bound Bracers ~~

Piercings: +ROZOREGALIA+*Gemma*

Necklace: +ROZOREGALIA+*Gemma*

Belt: :sey RJK2 Studded belt=black=

Face-Tattoo: * Deviance * – Face Tattoos – Bolt

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