Panda Express

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I really love this store. You can choose between a lot of colours of the skirt, top, socks and hoodie and mix it together. Even if you are an elf or a faun you really should go there checking out the ears and stuff^^

Skin: {S} – Ashlyn Skin Tan

Hair: Truth – Priscilla

Clothes: ++PE++

Shoes: GOS – GTFO

Tattoo: MO Design (only at Marketplace)

Plugs: Cobrahive – Gauged 03




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What an awesome skin from JeSyLiLo, the glossy lips are really gorgeous. Also they have rebuilt the mainstore, and it looks pretty fantastic…so go and get your new skin today!

Skin: *JeSyLiLO* – :::Gum:::*LightSkin*J3

Shirt: Emery – Mini Top Striped #03

Pants: AJA – Password Protected Panties

Hooves and Ears: Illusory

Hair: Magika – Sandara/Elikatira – Glory

Make-up: L.Fauna – Smokey Cat-Shadow [Black]

Lashes: Redgrave – 31- ExtraLong

Glasses: Reek – Aeroplane Shades

Tattoo: AITUI TATTOO – Fire Fish ::airbrushed::

Teeth: [ PXL ] – OpenMouth addon

Horns: Illusions – Cernwn Horns


Al Vulo! „Lalli“ sunkissed

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See this awesome new skin „Lalli sunkissed “ of Al Vulo!. Its so nice and sexy, i really really love it.

Taxi to Al Vulo!

Dress: Baiastice – Nico dress-blush (The Dressing Room)

Hair: Maitreya – Ymre II


Necklace: [MANDALA] – Kagetora necklace/BLACK




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New at Gawk!…Baggy Pullover (so cute ) in different colours. Al Vulo released an awesome special Skin „Jolie“ for Pacific Crisis Fundraiser and DeeTaleZ just released some short pants (which fits perfectly with the Gawk stuffieh), also in different colours 🙂 So…shoppingtime!!

Skin: Al Vulo – Jolie for Pacific Crisis Fundraiser new

Hair: Magika – Tessa

Top: Gawk! – Baggy Pullover turquoise new

Pants: DeeTaleZ – summer jeans shorts grey new

Glasses: Reek – Aeroplane Shades

Piercing: – .HoD. – Agony Piercing Set

Ears: AITUI – (Type 3) Stretched Ears – Sorrow – Spirals


Teeth: [ PXL ] – OpenMouth addon


It’s gettin‘ warmer !

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…and finally I can throw my winterstuffs back into the closet and show some SKIN! 😛

I bought a new one today, from DNA Cloning Facility, it’s Damien Type 1

and I love it x_x

It’s looking slightly more masculin than my other skins (Kento, Buried, etc) but not too pumped (Not a big fan of Hulk-like muscles…)

And since DNA skins aren’t exactly cheap (But well worth the money!) I decided to show some more skin…

The pants are from [SE*Designz] and they’re new as well (released earlier today) and they’re kinda unique because I’ve never seen pants with primpart for the butt before (Yea, you can look inside if you’re that nosy >_> )

The shoes are from Urban Bomb Unit and quite old, but they somehow fitted the style so I decided to wear them again (They’re still looking awesome!)

The rolled-up top is from DERP. and available in many colours (Gotta buy the guy’s prim bikini bottom from there, too 😀 ).

The hair is one of my first ones I bought at Buried, the Necklace is from Rozoregalia and the Piercing from HoD.

DeeTaleZ News!

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Steffi Villota is doing a great job with her creations. I really love the DeeTaleZ style and every new release is a big surprise for me. As you can see she created some capri pants which fits together with the corsage she made perfectly. Of course, you can wear it also with the new mini sport skirt which has a cute string on it, and as always you can choose from a lot of different colours.

Check it out HERE

Skin: [PF] Elly <Honey>  – Spotted Love – free (DIMH2 Hunt)

Hair: left: Elikatira – Novel, middle: Elikatira – Mood, right: Magika – Paisley

Shoe: left: mon tissu – {mon tissu} Montsegur Pumps,

middle: N-Core – SENSE XtremeHeel „GroupGift“ free

right: PB >> Deck Shoes :; Canvas & Leather  (white laces) free HERE


New at [ Cynful ]

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Yay…new [ Cynful ] stuffieh 🙂

…lots of other colours available

Items for Pacific Crisis Fundraiser:

Lazy Sunday Item:

10L$ March 2011 Special:

TP to [ Cynful ]

Al Vulo „Lalli“

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Hlin Bluebird (owner and creator of Al Vulo Skins) released a new skin called Lalli and its gorgeous as always <3. You can choose from 6 different make up packs with 8 skins in it (cleavage and hair base option).

Go HERE and grab your demo!

Hair: !lamb -Oh Sugar

Eye Tattoo Layer: L.Fauna – Smokey Cat-Shadow [Black]

Lashes: Redgrave – Eyelashes -31- ExtraLong


New Skin Bastienne at DeeTaleZ!

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DeeTaleZ released a new Skin called Bastienne. I really love the texture of it, its so soft and smoothie. It comes in 3 different skintones and you can choose between a lot of makeup styles. Every Skinpack includes 2 Skins (one with hairline and one bald), a shape and eyes. You can also buy different makeups Add ons which are only 80L per pack. So go check it out and grab your demo!

Hair: fri.day – Cassie

Lingerie: Fishy Strawberry – Lingerie – Soignee 2011 (Red)


Pure JUICE Event…and new DeeTaleZ Mainstore

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…starts saturday 5th march and i cant wait seeing it!! Gawk! released this high waist suit (also in black/white) incl. a nice collar for this event. It looks really hot with the new Magika Hair called „Tess“.

Pure JUICE Event (opens 5th march)

Skin: Grixdale – Emery

Hair: Magika – Tess (new)

Belt: Luck.Inc – Wide Leather Belt

Leggins: erratic – fishnet wide

Hooves: (Gauze) – Faun Legs

Horns/Blindfold – Illusions

Nails: Roxxstar

Also DeeTaleZ did a renovation of the mainstore. It looks fantastic and in every store you will find a „hot deal“ where you can buy some clothes for a special prize. Hope, seeing you there 🙂


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