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Uhm…i was a little bit lazy these days, but now i want to show you Magika’s new hair which are sooo awesum. And i got this sexy shirt from Stupid Things, a small but really cute shop and the owner Jane…she is so aahh dont have words for her…but *Shh…just take it* xD. So go and have fun while shopping^^

Skin: Al Vulo – elena

Hair: Magika – Jess *NEW*

Shirt: Stupid Things – xxx

Pants: [EY:NO] – Darkblue jeans ripped

Shoes: UBU – Pornstar

Tattoo: Glue Ink -Towards the light

Nails: Mstyle -holy pink

Necklace: Pepper – Key to my heart



What a night…!

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Suicidal Unborn released some hot shirts and…hey…it looks like my boyfriend visited me last night :P. So you get this shirt and an extra „mouthspermlayer“ for dark and lighter skins. Aaaand my absolutely favourite skinshop Al Vulo released a new skin called Elena \o/…I really loooooove her a lot and you should’n wait and go shopping for both new releases.

Skin: Al Vulo – elena *NEW*

Hair: bishwear – Windy *gift* (you will find it inside the demo)

Shirt: SU – Free Blowjob *NEW*

Pants: [EY:NO] – White Dollar Jeans *NEW*

Shoes: mon tissu – Montsegur Pumps

Tattoo: Glue Ink – No regrets Fruit


Meet me!

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There’s a bacherolett party this evening for my sweet girl Marsi. So i went shopping for dressed up cute and sexy (and noo…not for the stripper :P). See this awesome pants from Pumpkin which are open at the front and backside. Also i loooove the shirts from C.Smit where you can choose between different colours. Well…lets have a party 🙂

Skin: Al Vulo – renzie

Hair: Loq – Tiramisu

Shirt: C.Smit – OMG LOL

Pants: Pumpkin – XXS Pants

Shoes: [EY:NO] – Flats

Necklace: [EY:NO] – Yin Yang

Nails: [EY:NO] – Colorful Nails

Glasses: YV – Stella

Face Tattoo: Damned – Tribal Make up

Ear Plugs: Nox – Plug Marble (Where is…Hunt)

Piercings: Cobrahive – Gautum

Tattoo: Aitui – Fire Fish

Poses: Purple Poses


New @ Muka & Al Vulo

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Aww…i had a woooonderfull weekend and because of that i didn’t had time for showing you some awesome NEEEWs. First see the new dress of Muka which has an awesome smoothie skirt (❤) and the new skin Matilde in cacoa tone from Al Vulo…woohooo…so pls take the taxis for getting that hot new stuff.

Taxi to Muka

Taxi to Al Vulo

Hair: Truth – Sia *NEW*

Shoes: N-Core – Tresor


New @ Al vulo & JP Design

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Aahh my girls joined me today for a quick photoshooting…so here they are 🙂 Thanks for that girls! *knuutsch* (sorry it’s german :P). New pants at JP Design and i loooooove them and also Al Vulo’s matilde skin in fairy tone and she’s cuuute as always.

On me (left)

Skin: Al Vulo – matilde fairy tone *NEW*

Hair: Magika – Sandara

Pants: JP Design – Kick out pants *NEW*

Shoes: UBU – Pornstars

Necklace: Pepper – Key to my heart Necklace *new TFG item*

On Marsi (middle)

Skin: Al vulo – Renzie

Hair: Catwa – Jasmin

Pants: League – Frayed Denim Shorts/League Merino Leggings *NEW*

Feet: N-Core – Feet Boxed

Necklace: Pepper – Basti

On Bella (right)

Skin: Al Vulo – Eliza

Hair: Magika – Tessa

Pants: JP Design – Kick out pants *NEW*

Shoes: JP Design – Highpads *NEW*


New Pants at Surf Couture

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Today i visited Surf Couture and found this cute pants. Different colours there but i always like it in „normal“ blue. Really love the style and texture of the pants and I’m impressed because that’s a jeans where I can’t see my naked ass…weird 😛 So, here’s your taxi to Surf Couture.

Skin: Glam Affair – Mary – The Dressing Room

Hair: Analog Dog – dive

Shirts: T. Whore -Mini Sweater/Miss Nothing Dress

Socks: League – Side-Gartered Stockings

Shoes: PM – Baby T’s



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OMG Jesylilo released a new skin which is called Yummy. If i saw these lips i totally fell in love with them. The skin comes in light and tan with a bundle of make up you can choose from. Dont wait girls and take the taxi to Jesylilo. Also I’m happy getting these awesome shirts from Muka. They are so cute and perfect for this hot summer days outside.

Taxi to JeSyLiLo

Taxi to Muka

Hair: Ploom – Quinnie

Pants: Just me – Nella Shorty

Socks: League – Gartered Socks

Shoes: Gos – GTFO

Tattoo: Aitui – Sneaky


New @ Filthy and Ronsem

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Filthy released a new Skin called Scarlet. She is so nice and comes in 4 tones and there are a lot of make ups you can choose for. Also Ronsem released this cute baggy which is for men and woman. I choosed pink for this pic because i really like this colour right now. So ran to the stores and buy your new style.

Skin: Filthy – Scarlet *NEW*

Hair: Anaphora – Ana

Top: paper.doll – SimpleTank-Full-White

Pants: Ronsem – Jersey half *NEW*

Shoes: UBU – Pornstar

Socks: Jane – lil piggies socks.darling

Necklace: Pepper -Multi Necklace

Pose: Purple Pose



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I found some really nice stuff at X-RaY and couldn’t believe that it’s so cheap. So, i grab this new baggy and the shirt and i love the style like beeing lazy on couch at a Sunday afternoon (well, not the right shoes for the couch :P). Go and check out that great store, I’m sure you will love it too.

Skin: Al Vulo – emy (former hunt item)

Hair: Magika – Sandara

Top and Pants: X-RaY

Shoes: N-Core (Groupgift, dont know if it’s still available)

Necklace: Pepper – Multi Necklace

Piercing: Cobrahive – Gautum

Teeth: PXL

Nails: PM – Sculpted Nails


2 News!

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First victory Modan, owner of VMC, passes me by his new Skins. They are really adorable and i want show you both, Angelita and Sara. The skins comes in fair, pale and tan tone and you can choose between a lot of make up styles. Then yesterday Hed Williams, owner of Company. shows me his new Leopard leggins. They will come in 6 different colours and if you buy the fatpack you will get a special leggins in purple.


TP to Company

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