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Aahh my girls joined me today for a quick photoshooting…so here they are🙂 Thanks for that girls! *knuutsch* (sorry it’s german :P). New pants at JP Design and i loooooove them and also Al Vulo’s matilde skin in fairy tone and she’s cuuute as always.

On me (left)

Skin: Al Vulo – matilde fairy tone *NEW*

Hair: Magika – Sandara

Pants: JP Design – Kick out pants *NEW*

Shoes: UBU – Pornstars

Necklace: Pepper – Key to my heart Necklace *new TFG item*

On Marsi (middle)

Skin: Al vulo – Renzie

Hair: Catwa – Jasmin

Pants: League – Frayed Denim Shorts/League Merino Leggings *NEW*

Feet: N-Core – Feet Boxed

Necklace: Pepper – Basti

On Bella (right)

Skin: Al Vulo – Eliza

Hair: Magika – Tessa

Pants: JP Design – Kick out pants *NEW*

Shoes: JP Design – Highpads *NEW*

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