NEW @ Filthy & Cynful

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Filthy released a new skin called Alexandra and she is so cute i really love the face. Also Cynful released these Flamenco dresses which is awesom…i like the flexi skirtpart sooo much. Grab your money and visit both stores 🙂

TP to Filthy

TP to Cynful

Hair: [e] – Charmed (FLF)

Jewellery: EY:NO – Pearl Set

Shoes: – N-Core – Caresse



New @ Al Vulo Miha cacoa

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Skin: Al Vulo – Miha cacoa *NEW*

Hair: LeLutka – Scarab

Swimwear: CandyDoll – Shell Swimwear *NEW*

Feet: N-Core

Glasses: YV – Stella

New stuff…Buid!

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New tops from Buid and…*sigh*…all of them are so cute! Also a hot new full body tattoo which i really love. So grab your money and visit the store 🙂

TP to Buid

Skin: Al Vulo – Renzie

Hair: Truth – Jordan *NEW*

Top: Buid – T Shirt V.1 *NEW*

Pants: Just me – Nella Shorty

Hooves/Tail: Pera

Tattoo: Buid – nota colors *NEW*

Horns: Illusion – Grumble

Ears: Cute Bytes – BabyElven Ears


New @ d.select

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Ooot Ooot new stuff from d.select and its sooo awesome i love it. See the new skin Kiddo shes so fresh and cute and it comes with several breastlayers and…yay…a teethlayer. So hurry up and visit the store 🙂

TP to d.select


New @ Buid & Al Vulo

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Buid released this cute primtops with boobs in it and a hot jacket in soo many colors. I love it a lot and i never saw an outfit like that before in SL. Also Al Vulo released a new skin for the GSP Project. So go check it out^^

Skin: Al Vulo –  nilpez -ophelia dream milk *NEW for GSP Project*

Hair: Dura – Arai

Top: Buid – VEST Boobs/shirt *NEW*

Skirt: Cynful – LinnySkirtLight *NEW*

Shoes: VMC – Outfit 118

Piercing: Pekka – Cruel Piercing


Surprise…eh…no o.o

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Skin: Al Vulo – summer pink *NEW for TFG*

Hair: Truth – Lacey *NEW*

Top: Cynful – Zone’s Off Shoulder Top *NEW*

Pants: [EY:NO] – Hawt Panty *NEW*

Shoes: N-Core – Femme *NEW*

Plugs: [EY:NO] – Emotion Smiley Plug *NEW*

Nails: Mstyle – Obscure Matt

Gloves: Glue Ink – Ree Gloves

Eyes: TihQ – DarkEyes *NEW*


New Al Vulo Skin Pollon & New EY:NO \o/

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Skin: Al Vulo – Pollon *NEW*

Hair: KIK – Fine *NEW at HairFair*

Undies: Munique – Lingerie Set *NEW*

Hairband, Ring, Glasses: [EY:NO] *NEW*

Shoes: Mstyle: Rivea Pumps Nude


Buid Pants & Tattoo

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Skin: Curio – Pout 2 *NEW*

Hair: Magika- Andarial *NEW at Hair Fair*

Bra: Spirit Store – Alana top (part of outfit)

Baggy: Buid – Baggy pant V.4 *NEW*

Tattoo: Buid – Faith V1 *NEW*

Shoes: League – Shin Boot

Necklace: HoD – The Path to Forgivness

What a time…

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Skin: Filthy – Jolie *NEW*

Hair: Angel – Feray

Outfit: Koketka – MSK tops and panties *NEW*

Shoes: Koketka – Ballerines *NEW*

Tattoo: Pekka – I’m cute

Piercing: Pekka – Cruel Piercings


All new…

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Skin: Curio – Airhead *NEW*

Hair: Shag – Bombshell *NEW at Hair Fair*

Top: Cynful – Baubie Hugger *NEW*

Skirt: Cynful – LinnySkirt Silver *NEW*

Shoes: N-Core – Coquette *NEW*

Necklace: EY:NO – Stiletto Necklace *NEW*

Pose: Aushka & Co – Claire Pose *NEW at MSW*

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